Year of start: 2005-06
The Zonal Agricultural Research Station, Konehally which started during 1984 with 626 ha is renamed as Agricultural Research Station (ARS), Konehally from 2005-06 after the formation of Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University (KVAFSU), Bidar. ARS is located at 12 kms from Tiptur town on Bangalore–Shimoga highway road. It is situated at 760 151 E longitude and 130 151 N latitude with an altitude of 881.48 m MSL. The research station receives an average annual rain fall of 585.3 mm distributed mainly during April to October. The research station has retained only 66 ha of land and the remaining area is being utilized by KVAFSU.
The total area of research station is 66.00 ha of which 24.00ha was allotted to KVK, Tiptur and remaining 42.00 ha is managed by the farm section
Research mandate
  • Crop improvement in Groundnut, Ragi and Horsegram
  • Soil & water conservation and watershed development
  • Agro forestry and Dry land horticulture
Technologies developed and recommended
  • Agri-horti systems for Central Zone of Karnataka:
    The agri-horti system of growing ragi and horsegram with fruit trees like jack, mango and tamarind increase the productivity of the land and provide stability in production and income. A spacing of 16 x 8 m is ideal for jack while 12 x 8 m is optimum for mango and tamarind. The crops can be grown up to 8 years under jack, 9 years under tamarind and 10 years under mango.
  • Wood lot systems for Central Dry Zone of Karnataka:
    Bengali jali, Casuarina and Eucalyptus are the suitable tree species for fuel wood production under wood lot system in non-arable lands of Central Dry Zone of Karnataka. Bengali jali is to be planted at a spacing of 3 x 2 m while Casuarina and Eucalyptus are to be planted at 2 x 2 m for maximum fuel wood production.
Major activates
  • Seed production in
    • Pulses viz., Red gram, Green gram, Black gram, & Horse gram.
    • Oil seeds; Sesamum
    • Minor millets viz., Ragi, Foxtail millet (Navane), Little millet (Same)
  • Fodder production
    • Established Fodder trees block with tree species viz., Agase, Drum sticks, Hebbevu, Halavana and Mulbery...etc.,
    • Established Fodder block with fodder corps/varieties viz .,
  • Dry land Horticulture crops viz Mango, Sapota, Tamarind & Jack.
  • Soil and water conservation carried out
    • Bunding
    • Compartment bunding in dryland horticultural plots
    • Check dams
    • Farm ponds
  • Established various livestock components viz Dairy, Sheep and Goat units
  • Composite Fish culture
  • Established various demonstration and production units viz., Silage, Azolla, Vermi compost, Bio digester units.
Conducting experiments/ research work on Sesamum, Ragi and coconut.
  • Participating in Krishi Melas organized by University/KVK/ARS and other line departments
  • Participating as resource person in various training programmes organized by KVK and other line departments
  • Attending field problems and farm queries

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